Trinity West Church is a community of people who are committed to Jesus Christ and who live this out in every area of our lives. This is expressed through three core values:


Jesus Christ is good news for our broken sin-stained world. He came to this world to make God known, to establish God’s rule, and to accomplish God’s salvation. This salvation is given freely to everyone who trusts in him. Jesus Christ is the beating heart of our church.


The Bible tells us that in creation and salvation, God’s design for humanity is to be in relationship with Him and with one another. This is what it means to belong to a church, a community brought into being by the Holy Spirit. And God sends His church into local communities, so at Trinity West we are intentionally committed to Shepherd’s Bush. We want to invest our lives in this local area, serve those in need, and contribute to the progress and flourishing of this community.


Christian faith is inescapably public and the gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant for every area of life. Trinity West is a place where people who don’t believe as we do are always welcome to come and explore Christianity. But we also want to be equipped to bring the truth, beauty and goodness of the faith into the workplace and the wider world. We are committed to bringing the gospel to the culture, because this is how we bring hope to the world.